Wednesday, February 20, 2008


That word pretty much describes how I feel lately. I have no waist anymore and the space that used to exist between my inner thighs is disappearing. I think I actually put on make up once a week. I really try to look cute but sometimes don't have the energy. Working from home doesn't help cause I know they only person that is going to see me all day is my poor husband. I really feel sorry for him more than myself. I honestly don't even know how he can stand to look at me let alone crawl into the same bed as me sometimes. That man deserves a medal for his bravery.

He is a good sport he still manages to tell me how beautiful he thinks I am (even if he's just making it up)

Monday, February 4, 2008


Why is it that everyone that I haven't talked to in awhile doesn't ask me, "oh how are you feeling or how's the pregnancy?" It's always someone wanting to see my belly or asks me how big I've gotten. Like everyone just loves to hear or see how fat your getting. Some people.... RUDE!! :)