Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

We had a great Father's day weekend (besides only sleeping a few hours)

I took a few pictures of Aven wearing his Daddy's shirt and tie. If you know Aven you know this wasn't an easy task. Thank God we live near the airport and he loves planes. One flew by right in time and got him excited.

I invited my Mom and Dad over for Father's Day breakfast. I stayed up late making my Dad and Johnny their own place mats and coffee mugs. They better know how much I love them to stay up late on no sleep to make this stuff :)

Berlyn's gift to Dad

Later that day we took a family walk to the park. Aven wanted to walk the dog by himself but it was more like the dog was walking him.

Berlyn and I sat under a shaded tree on a blanket and enjoyed watching Dad and Aven walk around the park.

I wanted to make this day special for my husband cause he is such a wonderful Father. This year has been one of ups and downs for me and going through what I did with Berlyn he stayed so strong for me even when I felt so weak. I love that he is such a hands on Father and loves showing our kids affection. I love that he loves giving Aven his bath every night. I love that he loves to get up in the middle of the night to rock his baby girl to sleep when Mommy has lost her patience. I love that he talks about how he wants to be there when Berlyn picks out her wedding dress one day. I love to hear Aven get excited and yell.."DADDY'S HERE" every evening when the garage door opens up. I love to see Aven walk around in his Dads shoes around the house cause he wants to be just like Daddy.
I am so excited to see the relationship between him and these kids grow each and everyday.
So to my husband, Thank you for being the Father and Husband that you are!!
We all love you!

Friday, June 11, 2010

To my Baby Girl

To my precious baby girl,

I write this as I wonder,
Will you ask someday?
Why do I have to go to the
doctor to check my heart?
Did God make me this way?
What will happen to me?
What does my future hold?
Will I hold my own children?
Then live until I'm old?
I think about your future,
Imagining what lies ahead,
Perhaps I need to concentrate,
On present things instead.

The present:

Right now you are enjoying life,
A chubby little 4 month old girl,
You make us laugh...yes everyday,
And fill our hearts with joy.
And people often ask me,
So she's all better right?
Her heart is fixed, she seems just fine,
Her future's looking bright.
Yes, "She's doing well", I say,
I hope things stay this way,
I still fear for her future,
And every night I pray....
Give me yet another day,
Keep my child strong,
I do not want to lose her Lord,
Please let her life be long.

Thank you....

Thank you Lord, for showing me,
What just one child can do,
I marvel at her courage,
And the trials she's been through,
Thanks for your compassion
(And need I say it?...grace)
You've led me through each valley,
And you've brought me to this place.
A place where I'm not angry,
And it's easier to see,
That I was not the person,
That you wanted me to be.
Thank you for the trials Lord,
They've taught me how to give,
Thank you for my child Lord,
She's shown me how to live.

Did God make you this way?

I've asked myself this question,
A thousand times before,
Then it became a question that,
I just could not ignore.
God, he made you perfect,
Bestowing you with gifts to share,
God made you with his own hands,
Then numbered every hair.
He saw no imperfection,
Or heart...that is broken,
He saw you...his well loved child,
And the he saw...lives changed.

The future...

The future is no place to live,
And neither is the past,
The present should be cherished,
As it truly goes too fast,
I don't know what your future holds,
Or what we'll have to face,
I know who holds us through each storm,
I know we lean on grace.
I know that life's not always fair,
I know God has a plan,
I know he gives us strength and hope,
I know he says..."You can."

I write this as I wonder,
Will you ask me why?
Will you someday understand,
Just why we had to try?
Know, how very much your loved,
(Through every storm and strife)
Know, I wanted you to have,
A chance..to live your life.

-Stephanie Husted

I found this on another blog and I had to post it on my blog. I loved what she said. I changed it up a little bit to fit me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great Papa & Nannie

For the past few months on Wednesdays we make the short trip up to my Grandparents to spend the day with them. I grew up so close to my Grandparents and as I have gotten older and have had kids of my own I realize how important it is for them to be close with them as well.

Aven loves Wednesdays when I wake him up from his nap and ask him..."Do you want to go see Nannie & Papa?" He says YES!! As soon as we are a few minutes from their house he yells over and over, "Nannie & Papa's house?"

I just love both of them and I treasure the moments I get to spend with them. I thank God that I have them and that my kids can enjoy them as well.

Aven loves to go through all of Grandpa's gardening equipment and play. He put on his hat (knee pads) and made my Grandpa put his on too.

We love to sit out on their porch swing and enjoy a nice talk in the breeze while Aven picks flowers for Nannie. We get to sit and wave to all the older people walking and driving by. I'm pretty sure Aven makes their Wednesdays.

Berlyn even enjoyed swinging being held by Nannie. One of my favorite things to do when I was little was lay on Nannie. (God blessed her with a nice cushy chest)

(look at those legs...don't you just want to eat them?)

It's nice to take a small break out of the busy week to just sit back and enjoy spending time with family. I always look forward to Wednesdays now. :)

4 Months

Not sure where the heck the time has gone. Seemed like I blinked and now she is already 4 months. I've been feeling really bad lately, I feel like I haven't taken that many pictures of Berlyn so I thought I would take a few. I don't want her to get older and tell me how Aven has so many pictures and she has like 10. ha

She is such a sweet little baby. She HATES to sleep in her pack and play and wants to be next to Mommy all the time. How can I complain when this little one wants to snuggle with Mom all night?

It's bitter sweet to see her growing up so fast. I am so excited to see what God has in store for this small but mighty little girl.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Vision Walk

Yesterday was the Vision walk in which my Mom, Berlyn and I walked in for the team Gavin's groupies. It was probably one of the hottest days it has been in a long time but it was amazing to see everyone still out there walking and doing it with smiles on their faces knowing why we were all out there.

I love this picture that I got of Gavin and his Mom Jennifer before the race started.

I think it says so much.

I made Berlyn a shirt the night before because I didn't want her to not have her own shirt to wear. We will ignore the fact that it dyed her chin and hands from the dye I used....oops.

But she sure looked cute :)
Another picture of Gavin.....isn't he just the sweetest?

Here is a pic of Berlyn and a friend of mine triplets. I give credit to her and her husband, it is alot of work keeping just one kid happy for that amount of time in the heat and they had 3!

Berlyn enjoying Mom pushing her and showing off her orange hands.

It was pretty cool they had the sprinklers going every 1/2 mile or so, I decided I would run through to try and cool off my back sweat and sweat in other areas that shouldn't be sweat. Thank God my Mom doesn't know how to use my camera to see me running. I was nice enough to snap some shots of her though :)

Even the dogs were trying to cool off.

We had alot of fun and can't wait to go back again next year.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

All children should be able to see a sunset!

I will be walking in 3 days in the Vision walk in support of an awesome little boy named Gavin. Gavin was born blind, he has what is called Leber's Congenital Amaurosis.

I met his mother through a friend at a wedding, I started following her blog not long after Gavin was born. I have always been so amazed by Jennifer, and how she has done nothing but research and raise money and awareness for her son's condition. I never understood how she was so strong and always looked up to her for how she has educated herself and fights everyday for not only her son but also for the other people with this condition to be able to see one day.

I truly believe God puts these precious children in the arms of Mom's like her cause he knows what they are capable of.

Little did I know a little over a year after learning about Gavin and wondering how Jennifer does it. I was tested in my own way, when I found out about Berlyn. I now knew how Jennifer felt staying up ALL hours of the night wearing out her computer doing research and trying to educate herself on what she can do to help. We have joked around how big of nerds we have become from all of this.

I actually got to chat a little with Jennifer a few weeks ago when I went to her house to drop off some clothes for a fundraiser they were doing for Gavin and she mentioned that if Gavin was a girl that his name was going to be Berlyn Marie (not sure if the spelling would have been the same). What's even funnier is I thought about the name Gavin if Berlyn was a boy.

I am trying to help out as much as I can cause I know if I needed help with Berlyn she is the type of Mom who would step in and help me as well.

I know times are tough right now, but if you find it in your heart to help as well you can go here. Even if it's $10.00, any bit helps!

I know for a fact because of Gavin's strong willed and determined mother Gavin WILL see a sunset one day. It brings me to tears thinking about it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend....One I wont soon forget.

I should have known it was gonna be a bad day when I woke up to hear that the 91 freeway was closed in both directions due to a tanker that had exploded on the freeway.

We went to go pick up Johnny when he got off work to head down to Newport dunes to meet my family for a little vacation. I thought it would be nice since we haven't gotten away since before Berlyn was born and I thought it would be a nice little get away. My sister and her family are staying down there in their RV and she was going to be having my niece and nephews birthday parties down there.

We got down to Newport dunes about 5:30 Friday night. We unloaded all of our luggage and were getting settled in. I set Berlyn down on the bed so I could put on my wrap so I could be able to run and watch over Aven. Johnny went to use the bathroom. Berlyn was SCREAMING at the top of her lungs as I tried to hurry to put the wrap on. Aven kept messing with the door, as I was yelling for him to move away it opened up and he went flying out down the steps. He hit his head on what I think was the bottom step. Just as he was falling out my Dad came around the corner. He was coming to see who was screaming and bashed his head on the trailer and was bleeding. He went to pick up Aven and got blood all over. By this time Johnny came out of the bathroom only to see Aven with a HUGE bump on his head and blood all over. He paniced and said we are going to the hospital RIGHT now. (not sure how he was able to see all he did in the Marines, maybe because it was his son?) I assured him he was ok. I used to fall on my head all the time and get huge bumps....would explain everything now.
Sad to say but with this kid I know there are many more days ahead of us with skined up knees and cuts and bruises. This was his first big injury :(
Finally he settled down and we hung out a little bit with Bridget and the kids. Aven was super tired so we all decided we were going to get some sleep.....so we thought!
Aven is not the type of kid to just fall asleep where I lay him, if he's not in his crib he has a hard time sleeping. I figured he would be so tired from playing so hard out there that it wouldn't be a problem. I didn't factor in the head injury, nor did I factor in my Grandparents who were staying in the trailer with us snoring ALL night. I remember at one point in the night waking up and just praying to God that the morning would come so I wouldn't have to listen to this anymore. I even thought about getting up to stuff paper towels in my ears so I wouldn't hear. I watched as the sun slowly came up on my great idea of a nice little get away with about one hour of sleep under both our belts.
I'm actually used to running on no sleep so once I was up I was fine, but I wasn't about to relive another night of torture.
We woke up and headed down to celebrate Faith and Landen's birthday..with glasses on of course to cover my bags.

Justin took all the cousins on a golf cart ride around. Of course Aven is the only one that never enjoys anything :)
My other nephew Colton. Isn't he the cutest??

Aven and Colton giving Johnny some love!

Berlyn enjoyed some nice ocean breeze in her cute little bikini.

They had a luau down at the beach with different games to play. They had a game of tug of war which I wasn't able to participate in cause I had Berlyn on in her wrap. I did enjoy watching and getting a great laugh.
All the men up against all the woman. Not sure how anyone thought this was a fair game. I was trying to yell to the ladies to just let go on the count of 3 and let the men fly back but no one listened.
All the polite Men getting ready to make the women eat sand.

They gave it a good try but it just wasn't gonna happen. Sure was funny though!

Aven enjoyed hanging out with all his cousins. He was in LOVE with Farrah this day. Must have been the cute little green bikini :)

Aven and Cylis hanging out. I think they look like brothers.

Both have that same big head :)

We decided to go home that night and get rest in our own beds. I wasn't gonna last another day with no sleep. I really felt bad since it was me that pretty much planned the whole trip and was me bailing out. We went back the next day nice and rested and had a nice time hanging with the family again.
Yesterday we just stayed home and relaxed with our favorite soilder.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial weekend! I think we will be waiting a little longer before attempting another Adams family vacation.