Saturday, February 20, 2010

She's Here!

After my doctors appointment on Tuesday I could barely stand up straight and walk without having contractions. I called my husband to see if he was almost home from work because I was having a hard time keeping an eye on Aven while I was having contractions.

He finally got home and I went upstairs because I was in so much pain. I was having strong contractions again every 10 min. I would get up and walk around or take a bath to try and get them to go away but they weren't. Of course my husband was super concerned and made sure he was downstairs watching Lost on tv while I was upstairs about to give birth...(at least it felt that way) I guess he finally heard the screaming or yelling and decided he should probably come upstairs, after the show was over of course.

He got out his note pad and timer and volunteered to time the contractions for me since I wasn't able to concentrate on anything else at the moment. (what a guy!) I turn over to face him in between my next contraction only to find him with his eyes closed. I really couldn't believe what I was seeing. How can the man that is responsible for all this pain to begin with is able to just drift off to sleep while his wife is pulling out her hair next to him. I really wanted to give him a good wack in the head but instead I took a picture of him so I could show everyone how concerned he was :)

I was able to tough it out till about 3:00 in the morning when I decided I couldn't take it anymore. I was going back to the hospital and wasn't going to leave again. Security was going to have to carry me out this time.

My Mom came over to watch Aven and we headed off to the hospital. I text my sister Bridget who was on her way to the airport in Tennessee to fly out here. . I was actually supposed to pick them up from the airport but Berlyn had other plans. I figured that my sister would make it in plenty of time since her plane landed at 10:30 that morning and I figured my labor would be just as long if not longer than Aven.

We got to the hospital and to my great surprise it was the nurse from the night before. She took one look at me when she walked in the room and said now it looks like your really in labor. If I could have got up out of the wheelchair to slap her I would have. I was in to much pain to care. She let me know that if I wasn't at least a 4 or 5 cm they would probably be sending me home. She checked me and let me know I was almost 2 cm! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! All those contractions and I only progressed 1/2 a cm?!?! She but the contraction monitor and heart rate monitor on me and my contractions were a consistant 4 min apart. How could they possibly send me home when I'm in so much pain? As soon as the heart monitor kicked on and I had my next contraction I could hear the babies heart beat dip super low. I asked the nurse if that's what I think it was and she said Yes it was and it looks like they will be keeping me now. FINALLY!!!

Thank God the stupid nurse had an emergency c-section to help out with and that was the last we saw of her. We got a new nurse who I fell in love with right away. She immediately came in and got me more pillows and made sure I was comfortable and told me that she would get the doctor in as soon as he was done with surgery to give me an epidural. He finally got there around 6:00 and gave me the epidural. WOW!!! What a difference. When I had Aven the two epidurals I got never worked right so it was a nice surprise to see that I couldn't feel anything.

The doctor that was on call came in around 9:00 to check me and said I was at about 4cm now. She went ahead and broke my water and said that my doctor should be in around 12 PM and should be here to deliver me. About 15 min later I begin to feel my contractions again and thought oh great the epidural is wearing off like it did with Aven. I told the nurse and she said that if I want to hit the epidural button it will give me an extra boost of medication. So I said OF COURSE. After a few minutes it didn't get any better so the nurse said I better check you again to see where your at. She checked me and couldn't believe that I was already 9 1/2 CM and almost ready to push. She went and got the doctor that broke my water who was still making her morning rounds to come in and deliver the baby.

All I can say that if I hadn't have had to labor at home for 2 days this would have been the best delivery. After my epidural it was really such a great experience. When I was getting ready to deliver the emotions in the room were so great. We were all cracking jokes and laughing. I couldn't believe that I was feeling so great about to have a baby.

After 3 pushes Miss Berlyn Marie Adams entered the world at 9:52 AM on 2/10/10. All the worrying that I had about how I would be able to handle and love two babies was not even a concern. As soon as they placed her in my arms I felt so complete. It was love at first sight.

The past week has gone by so fast as I knew it would. Even though I wanted to shoot my husband the other day he really has been such a big help with everything and I love him even more than I did before she was born. Being a family of 3 was great but having 4 seems so much different I feel like we are more of a family that ever before. I didn't think Aven would take to her as well as he has but he loves his sissy so much already. I'm so excited to see them grow up together and be such great friends.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The end is near

Well the last few days have been alot of fun to say the least.

We had my parents and sister and her husband over to watch the Super Bowl game on Sunday and although I was excited to get to hang out I couldn't get over the fact that I was still pregnant and miserable.

I decided that I would do my own super bowl half time show and drink a special drink with a little Castor oil in hopes of getting something going.
*I am not a doctor, I am a desperate pregnant woman who has no medical back round. If you are pregnant and chose to do the same thing you are on your own. If you are not a pregnant woman or have never been pregnant please don't judge me. You will never know what you might be capable of when your desperate*

Down the hatch it went.....

If you've never tried drinking this stuff I don't recommend it. Only thing I can compare it to would be drinking a glass full of melted lipsticks.

After about 3 hours of trying not to puke it all back up and nothing happening. I figured that once again my many attempts at inducing my own labor have failed and I would just have to finally come to the conclusion that I am not in control of what happens. I decided to get ready for bed.

1:30 in the morning rolls around and I get woke up by some really strong contractions. I started timing them and they were about 10 min apart. I didn't think anything of it and tried to sleep in between them. Finally I got so annoyed I got up around 6:00 and they were about 6-7 min apart. They remained that way pretty much the rest of the morning with a few breaks in between. Finally my sister and one of my friends told me I should probably go in. I really didn't want to go because I know my body and knew when I got there I would be told to go back home. I knew if I was told to do that I would be even more devastated and miserable.

My sister and I got to the hospital around 3:00 PM and they monitored me for about 3 hours and told me that my contractions were in fact about 6-7 min apart but that I was only dilated to 1cm..... WHAT A SURPRISE!! So, they said in a nice way that I could either stay there and chose to labor for the next 3 months or I could go to dinner and stay close to the hospital and see if they got stronger and more frequent. If they did they told me I should probably come back again.

Well after dinner we figured we might as well go home cause everything pretty much stayed the same at dinner. Once I got in the car they got super painful. My sister knew that it was bad cause she said once I stop cracking jokes she knows it's bad. Brenda and Johnny said I should probably go back in and have them check me just in case. I was in tears and really didn't want to go back in cause I pretty much knew what they were gonna tell me.

We had to go through the whole registration process again and they hooked me back up and I was still contracting but they checked me again and once again I was still not dilating. I was in alot of pain but the nurse told me that they were going to have to send me home once again. She then asked me (as I was trying to put on my shoes and feeling like I was being stabbed in the gut with a knife) "What's wrong, are you frustrated?" FRUSTRATED?!?!?! I think that might have been slight understatement. Not only am I in horrible pain but I've had to spend my night down at the hospital away from my son and be told that the last 20 hours of pain have only dilated me to 1cm!!!!! Yeah I think I'm frustrated!

We headed back home and I was crying in and out of contractions the whole way home. I took a Tylenol PM which knocked me out for a few hours but I still was in and out of pain all night.

I did see my doctor today and he told me that I am about 2 cm now and if nothing happens before Thursday morning he will be inducing me then.

Hopefully sometime by Thursday or Friday our baby will be here!

As much as I don't want to get the same nurse that I had, I would love to see how frustrated she'd be if I decided to drink that Castor oil again before I go in Thursday morning :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Turkey is Done!

At least it feels that way. I don't think my belly button can stretch any further.

I am pretty much at my breaking point today. I know my due date isn't until Friday but I am ready to throw in the towel. I woke up yesterday with a stiff neck, which makes driving even more fun when you can't turn as it is with a HUGE belly. I had my doctors appointment yesterday which gave me no news of any progress which I expected. He told me that he would see me back on Tuesday and we will discuss inducing me at that point. I know I probably sounded rude when I said "Well, I hope I don't have to see you then." I'm sure it was the pregnancy hormones talking.

This weekend I was pretty desperate and was trying just about anything to get things going. With no such luck : /

I have some really awesome friends that have made things a little brighter for me though.

When I was pregnant with Aven I went to my friends house warming party and they had this fruit pie there which I hate to say I probably ate half of. Well that ended up being the last thing I ate before Aven was born. My water broke that night and I was sure it was due to that pie :) I couldn't eat for 24 hours since I was in labor the whole time so that was all I could think of was that pie.

My friend Sommer came by on Sunday and brought me over a whole fruit pie to myself. She was hoping that it would do the trick such luck!

Even if it didn't do the trick it sure made one preggo lady very happy :)

Today I got a surprise visit from my friend Ashlynn. She came by and dropped off some carrot cake balls with frosting on them. I guess these girls really know how to make me happy or are just tired of hearing me complain. :)

I know I really can't complain too much cause I know in a few short days (I hope) she will be here and I will look back and miss being pregnant...but for now I WANT MY BABY!!

Hopefully my next post will be announcing the birth of my baby and not one from my husband telling you what mental hospital you can send my desserts too.