Wednesday, February 20, 2008


That word pretty much describes how I feel lately. I have no waist anymore and the space that used to exist between my inner thighs is disappearing. I think I actually put on make up once a week. I really try to look cute but sometimes don't have the energy. Working from home doesn't help cause I know they only person that is going to see me all day is my poor husband. I really feel sorry for him more than myself. I honestly don't even know how he can stand to look at me let alone crawl into the same bed as me sometimes. That man deserves a medal for his bravery.

He is a good sport he still manages to tell me how beautiful he thinks I am (even if he's just making it up)

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Bridget said...

right there with you... but when Justin gets home I'm looking like a fat pregnant housewife in sweats usually in an emotional wreck. poor guy! Thank God he knows its just for 9 months then he gets his wife back :)
Hang in there! Try to enjoy it!