Friday, February 27, 2009

So Excited

I just got the news that my cousin got engaged today on her 21st Birthday. We are so happy for her. She is going to be such a beautiful bride. We love you Lauren and are so happy for you. Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


As you may have read in my last post my Dad tried to test his luck by sliding down his ladder in the back yard. He was lucky he didn't kill himself but still managed to walk away with a broken tooth and scraped up face.

I had to take him this morning to go get his cracked wisdom tooth pulled out. I told him I was going to tape him when he woke up and ask him a bunch of questions like this Dad did to his son but I was trying to be a nice daughter and didn't. I can tell where I get my personality cause minutes after his surgery he was still trying to crack jokes. I'm just happy he is ok now.

Monday, February 23, 2009

It's all fun and games until you let a MAN cook.

We had a really good weekend. Besides getting the news that my Dad had taken a slide down his ladder in their backyard trying to trim their palm trees. Thank God he didn't break anything besides his back molar. He managed to hit his face on the way down and had some swelling and bruising. I could tell he was in pain when he went over but he is so tuff he went back out and finished what he was doing. I don't understand why men have to act so tuff. Reminded me of this video. Men are totally like this.

Our friends Seth and Torie came over on Saturday and we went and took a tour of my friend from works Brewery that he just opened up with a few of his friends. It was really interesting. We got to taste the different flavors. It was right up Johnny and Seth's alley.

The guys decided they were gonna do some cooking for us for lunch and that's where I think things went south. JK Here is Seth in the process of making the stuffed Jalapenos wrapped in bacon. yummmm

Do you think they got enough food for 4 people. That wasn't even all of it!

Here is the finished first batch which we all managed to finish. Let me tell you it was some good food. If anyones husbands like to bbq I recommend buying them this. Johnny's friend from work and his Dad started this company and it's good on anything.

Here is the second batch. I was in the kitchen and looked out and noticed that there was some smoke. I looked closer and saw some flames. I told them. "Looks like something is burning!" I got the typical guy look and then said it again. Finally they went out and realized that I knew what I was talking about. Of course I had to follow out with my camera to capture the moment for my blog.

Seth trying to get his eyebrows waxed.

Yesterday Johnny got me this new rug for our living room. So besides Hiroshima it turned out to be a fun eventful weekend.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Story Time

Johnny's Mom sent us almost all his old favorite books when he was a little kid. Johnny really enjoys reading them to Aven. He always picks the books that are like 50 pages long and are probably meant for a 5 year old. Aven gets all into it at the beginning and then loses interest in about five minutes then starts to eat the pages. Here are a few pictures before he started to taste test the book.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

We're Back!

Well we all made it back in one piece and I didn't have to sell my Son on the way there for being fussy. He was actually really good the whole way up and back. We made sure to have his DVD player going with his favorite movies with plenty of toys and bribery for the long trip up to Monterey. As for Aven sleep at night that is a whole other story.

Aven ready to go
It started to snow when we were going through the Grapevine, I was pretty sure our whole trip would be bad weather.

Finally it cleared up and was a beautiful drive the rest of the way. It's such a pretty drive.

We even got to see this beautiful rainbow on the way up. We tried to go search for the pot of gold but had no luck.

We arrived at our beautiful hotel and Aven had to try out the bed.


The room
View of the Golf course from our room.

When we got up to Pebble Beach we decided to do the 17 mile drive since it was so beautiful. We got to the gate where it starts and we got stopped. The guy said, "sorry the 17 mile drive is closed till Sunday because of the Golf tournament." He told us we would need to turn around. Turn around?? I don't think so! That's like when the Griswold's drove all the way to Wally World and it was closed. I told Johnny no way! I said GO...GOOOO...GOOOOO!!! So he took off and we went through anyway. I know it's probably not what we should have done but we didn't want anything to get in the way of our 1ST FAMILY VACATION. It was neat we were the only ones on the 17 mile drive except some golfers who were so kind to take a few shots of us.

The blimp before it crashed into the water...JK I almost thought it was.

We got back to our room and the lady at the hotel left us some fruit and a bottle of wine.

Sat morning we met my Aunt and cousins for breakfast. It was nice to see them I hadn't seen them since our Wedding and they finally got to meet Aven. After breakfast we decided to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium since Johnny got us tickets for free. We thought Aven might enjoy it. No, he fell asleep right when we walked in.

Jelly fish
More Jelly fish

Me with my Shark hat on. haha jk

He woke up towards the end so Johnny had to take him back to see the jelly fish :)

Cousin Eddie Hat
We went to eat Sushi after the Aquarium at the Fisherman's Wharf then walked around after. I think we sampled about 20 clam chowders but it was sooo good :)

Sat. night Valentines Day we were both beat from the day and not sleeping the night before thanks to our little angel :) We decided to get pizza from the local pizza place and eat it in our room. Not very romantic but the rest of the weekend made up for it. Only mistake about eating the pizza was Johnny decided on the way home he was going to pass gas and when I'd try and roll down my window he would child lock me.... MEN!! Hope everyone had a great Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This would be me

I saw this video today and thought wow that would be me if I got up there in front of all those people. I am one person who normally doesn't know how to be quite (ask my husband) but when I get in front of like more then 5 people and have to stand up to say something I completely freeze. Hope you enjoy the video. Poor girl.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Running the show

You can clearly see who runs the show in this house. No, not me. Yesterday it got super quite in the house and usually that means that these little devils dogs are up to something. I came upstairs to see what kind of mess I would find. Much to my surprise they weren't into anything except TAKING OVER OUR BED. Must be nice!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Flashback Friday

Yes you are seeing right...There are 2 girls in this competition and one came in 1st and one came in 3rd. That lucky 3rd placer is me. I wasn't even good enough to get 2nd place in a two person competition. (Maybe it was the bu font hair do) I never really thought about this until I saw this picture much later on in life. Like why couldn't these judges just give me 2nd place. Not like I'm a professional figure skater. I was just so happy that I got a trophy. ha

Figure skating was a big part of our childhood growing up. Bridget was actually really good at it and would have probably been pro if she didn't' stop. Instead she is a pro mother. Me on the other hand was not gifted with the talent to skate. They would give me the same routine every single time. Now I know why. Cause I couldn't even master that one routine. I eventually stopped skating. I would still go to the skating rink almost everyday. While Bridget skated her heart out and I played Pac Man and drank my chicken broth.

Word of advise....If your child is not good at something please do them a favor and tell them instead of letting them be humiliated like this later on in life :) haha jk Mom!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

First Family Vacation

In just 7 short days we will be packing up our car and headed for a much needed mini vacation to beautiful Pebble Beach. I've been wanting to take Johnny up there so bad for over 6 years now. My uncle that passed away used to live there. It is such an amazing beautiful place to visit. I can't wait to show Johnny around. We are going to eat at one of my uncle's favorite places to eat up there called Rosine's. Stay tuned for some beautiful pictures. (no I'm not talking about me) haha

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Sorry I've been slacking the last few days on my post. Been super busy. Johnny had his marathon race on Superbowl Sunday. My goal was to actually make it down there this time to see him finish the race. I missed the first two he was in, like a good wife. The first one I went down there but we thought they would have taken longer and missed the whole thing cause we were eating. :) I told him we would for sure make it to this one. We actually made it! I had to wake up at 5:45 and rush to get Aven ready. I might as well been in the marathon with him cause we had to park our car so far. :) A few of Johnny's friends from work were in the marathon with him so Aven and I met up with their girlfriends and Aven got to hang out with his friend Garrett.

Johnny just starting the race. Of course I was yelling his name and he just zoomed right past me. Didn't want anyone to know that was his wife screaming up on the divider with her big camera and sweat suit on.

"No I don't know that lady up there"

Aven & Garrett hanging out on the beach.

The boys waiting for their Daddies to finish the race

Torie is trying to peek over the crowd to find Seth.

Aven....Where is Daddy? "How come Grandma's 50 year old friend is done but not Daddy?"

Aven and Daddy after the race. Way to go Dad!!!

Johnny, Seth & Mike....what a bunch of studs!