Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another scary moment that probably aged me 20 years

Well I'm back. What a crazy few weeks it has been. Just when you think everything is going nice and calm and your life is getting back to semi-normal, something happens and once again a rug is pulled out from under your feet.

September 12th...another one of the scariest days being of being a parent.

I knew this day was off to a bad start when I decided it would be a good day to go on a hike. It's the first time I've done any major exercising in awhile. I know your only supposed to wait the normal 6 weeks to start working out but I chose 7 months. (wanted to make sure I was really healed up :) haha) The hike was about 5 miles long and about 2.5 miles up a huge hill. I was thanking God when I could see the end in sight. I was thinking how bad I wanted to just go home and relax.

On my way home I got a call from Johnny and he said, "You need to hurry and get home, Berlyn just puked." I was thinking ok she just spit up like she always does. No big deal. I hurried home and walked in and went over to say hello to her. As soon as I walked over to her I could see she was choking and gasping for air. I sat her up really quick and she was trying to throw up. She spit up some nasty looking bile and it got on me. I told Johnny to hold her for a second while I wiped it up. As soon as I turned my back he yelled at me, "Brianna somethings wrong she doesn't look like she's breathing." (Something to that effect. After I looked back everything was a blurr) I looked over and she was limp and really white and her lips were blue. He padded her on her back and she kind of woke up but was still really out of it. I grabbed her and told him to dial 911. I grabbed her and held her in my arms and immediately thought that she was having problems with her heart.

I called my Mom and told her to come as soon as she could. As I sat and waited for the ambulance to arrive which seemed like an eternity. I just held her and prayed to God that this wasn't her heart and she would be ok.

The paramedics got to our house and asked us a bunch of questions and transported us to the nearest hospital. I think they thought I was just an over paranoid Mom who's daughter just threw up and was no big deal. The paramedic pretty much just sat there filling out paper work the whole ride over. I kept telling him that she looked super pale and I could tell something wasn't right. He still sat there filling out his paper work when she began to throw up again. Finally he realized that I wasn't just a over paranoid Mom and this was a little more serious. He finally said, "Yeah maybe I should put on some Oxygen." DUHHHH

As soon as we arrived at the hospital they started her on IV fluids and her color started to come back and she was being her happy self again.

They didn't know what would cause her to pass out and wanted to do more testing. Chino hospital doesn't have a pediatrics department so they transported us to CHOC. I was so thankful to have them come. I could now know that Berlyn was in safe hands.

She got treated like royalty on her ride over to CHOC. They sang to her, let her watch Dumbo, blew her bubbles. All while I sat in the front seat pulling out my hair.

We got to CHOC around 5PM that night. I was still in the same sweaty work out clothes from that morning and still hadn't eaten. By this time the soreness set in from not working out like that in a year. I was walking around the hospital like I just finished a bull riding competition.
They did a bunch of tests on her and still couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.
They decided to keep us over night and see how she did.
They finally came in the next day and told me that she was super dehydrated and said it caused her to have a cynaotic episode which made her pass out.

They did check her heart and the report did show that her valve looked a little tighter but her cardiologist said that when they get sick or are under stress it can cause that to happen.
We go back on November 1st to see how her heart is doing then.
This little girl is sure giving her parents some sleepless nights and heart aches and she's not even 1 years old.


Tonya said...

So glad that she's doing better. That is very scary! Don't you always worry with these guys that it's gonna be their heart? I know I do!

Heather said...

So scary!! I am glad everything was ok and it wasn't something more serious. Praying for a good report at her next apt!

Paige said...

Love your heart! I am so glad that everything turned out alright. My daughter had this similar situation happen to her, sounds exactly like it. It ended up being a febrile seizure! I hope that everything turns out wonderful at her next appt as well! Sending many prayers your way!

Stefenie said...

How very scary for all of you. These little kiddos sure like to keep us on our toes with their special hearts. Praying that she has no more episodes!!

RHONDA said...

Thanking God that she is ok. That is one scary thing. I know all about the gray hairs, ...You can always wash them right out! Hugs and Love..

Rhonda :)

Anonymous said...

wow Brianna...this was so scary even to read....love to you and your family!

Megs said...

I can't even imagine how scary that would be!! I am so glad to hear Berlyn is ok now. I'll pray for a good heart report in November. I have to say I love those chubby feet of hers:)

Simply Blessed said...

This was SO scary. SO glad she is okay and that time is over. Thank u for being there for me with my scare too! xoxo

Loni's World said...

:( so happy things worked out. Poor baby girl! (and parents!)