Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Baby???

So last night I woke up at 1:30 in the morning in so much pain. It seriously felt like the pain I had during child birth. My husband said, "maybe you are having another baby?" Then I got to thinking oh great am I like that one lady that was 6 and 3 months pregnant? Was I about to give birth to Aven's sister Avena? Well it sure felt like it! Anyway I don't know what the pain was if it was gas or I pulled something. It's sad that I thought a stay at the hospital might not be so bad, that I might actually get some sleep.

So speaking of lack of sleep.....I tried to take my sisters advice yesterday. She called me and told me that Finley (her daughter born a month after Aven) slept 10 hours the other night. She said try putting him in his crib cause sometimes the pac and play will wake them up cause it shakes when they kick or move. So I fed him as much as I could tucked him in and was hoping for a miracle. Well that didn't work he woke up even earlier then he normally does. I've come to the conclusion that I will never catch up on sleep.


Bridget said...

send him to aunties..I'll watch him so you can get some sleep since my baby is sleeping. neener neener neener...I'll give him a good feeding. (My milk is thicker than yours)haha..Or try the swing ALL night.

The Tello Family said...

Not sleeping through the night stinks. I'm exhausted and she will sleep from about 7:45pm-4:45 am. I guess I should go to bed when she does LOL Taylor slept the first months of her life in her swing. Or what about a noise maker??