Monday, February 23, 2009

It's all fun and games until you let a MAN cook.

We had a really good weekend. Besides getting the news that my Dad had taken a slide down his ladder in their backyard trying to trim their palm trees. Thank God he didn't break anything besides his back molar. He managed to hit his face on the way down and had some swelling and bruising. I could tell he was in pain when he went over but he is so tuff he went back out and finished what he was doing. I don't understand why men have to act so tuff. Reminded me of this video. Men are totally like this.

Our friends Seth and Torie came over on Saturday and we went and took a tour of my friend from works Brewery that he just opened up with a few of his friends. It was really interesting. We got to taste the different flavors. It was right up Johnny and Seth's alley.

The guys decided they were gonna do some cooking for us for lunch and that's where I think things went south. JK Here is Seth in the process of making the stuffed Jalapenos wrapped in bacon. yummmm

Do you think they got enough food for 4 people. That wasn't even all of it!

Here is the finished first batch which we all managed to finish. Let me tell you it was some good food. If anyones husbands like to bbq I recommend buying them this. Johnny's friend from work and his Dad started this company and it's good on anything.

Here is the second batch. I was in the kitchen and looked out and noticed that there was some smoke. I looked closer and saw some flames. I told them. "Looks like something is burning!" I got the typical guy look and then said it again. Finally they went out and realized that I knew what I was talking about. Of course I had to follow out with my camera to capture the moment for my blog.

Seth trying to get his eyebrows waxed.

Yesterday Johnny got me this new rug for our living room. So besides Hiroshima it turned out to be a fun eventful weekend.


Courtney said...

Leave it up to the guys to burn dinn! Must have been the beer tasting that got to them;) Cute new rug!

Josh and Tiff: said...

What an eventful weekend! Lol! My husband cooked dinner last night, but nothing caught on fire. Better luck next time? Btw, we LOVE that pepsi commercial!!! It makes us laugh sooo hard everytime we see it!

Lesley said...

I LOVE Cajun! Let me know the next time Seth decides to cook! HA!

Loni's World said...

Ha-ha! I swear women are telling you things for your good not to just be right! too funny!