Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5th Ultrasound

Well after 4 ultrasounds I have decided we should probably get another just to be sure that this really is a girl this time. The first time I went it was my first one and still too early. The second time the legs were crossed and we had no luck. The third time we were told it was a boy as you all know. ha This last time she said she was positive it was a girl. Johnny and I have decided we are sick of this up and down roller coaster and we need another confirmation before we start doing the nursery. So this Saturday we are going in again to get a 2d and 4d ultrasound to see if they can tell. With my luck they wont be able to tell or it will end up really being one of each like my sister has been hoping for. :) I will update on Saturday and let you all know. For now I will leave you with a few pictures of our Princess....or Prince.

She/He loved laying facing down the whole ultrasound.
Sucking my thumb already


Loni's World said...

Good luck, lol doesnt this add more excitement to the whole thing? This baby is gonna be a trickster when it grows up.

Nicholle said...

Good luck! I hope they can tell and you can be at ease :)

Simply Blessed said...

She is SO cute!!!!!! Or he?? Regardless you guys make gorgeous babies :)