Monday, September 28, 2009

New Ride for a Good Cause

On Saturday we were invited to go to a fundraiser for the Joyful Foundation. The Joyful foundation is an organization made up of ALL volunteers that is dedicated to providing comfort to individuals in their time of illness or hardship. The Foundation supplies lap blankets that are hand-made by the volunteers to hospitals, cancer centers and individuals receiving long-term medical treatments, chemotherapy, renal dialysis, as well as victims of spousal abuse and their children.

The foundation was started by Sandy Berg-Whiley who has been receiving treatments every 21 days at Hoag hospital. She was cold and uncomfortable from the medications she was receiving, as well as the cold temperature of the hospital room. Her Mom made her a blanket to raise her spirits and keep her warm. Sandy thought that others might also benefit from a blanket to provide a gift of love and warmth. She started personally sewing a few blankets each month to take to the various centers. The response was so great and it all snowballed from there. The first year she started she was able to donate 250 blankets this year so far they are past 9,000 and counting!

Last year I was able to go to the first fundraiser for them and have been to two so far this year. It is such a wonderful thing to see even in a time when people don't have much money they step up for people in need.

They had a silent auction with alot of great gifts and also a live auction that Johnny's boss was asked to be the auctioneer. We had a really great time and alot of money was raised.

I had my eye on a nice blue BMW 6 series car that I thought Aven would look so cute in. I placed a bid on it and we got outbid. Then I placed another one and told Johnny that was my final offer. We ended up getting outbid again so I said well I guess he's not getting that car. Johnny's bosses wife went over and outbid the last person and ended up getting the car for Aven! It was so sweet of them. Aven woke up Sunday morning to a really nice surprise. He was pushing it all around the house. Thank you to the Kings!

Of course we couldn't leave and not have something for our baby girl on the way. Her Dad bid on a really cute basket full of pink Barbie stuff which we came home with. We'll be saving this for her for next Christmas or Easter. :)

Oh and I almost forgot...Johnny decided that he needed something for himself. So you think he would bid on something we could use for the family or something for the house...nope! He bid on a ride along with the Fullerton Police department. WHY ME?!?! I always had a feeling deep down he wanted to be a police officer. Now I am scared to death my husband is going to get hurt in the line of duty when he's not even getting paid for it!! That will be a whole other blog post. I guess it could be worse, he could be doing it in Los Angeles.


Simply Blessed said...

So cute and what a great cause!! Fullerton will be okay (hopefully). He'll probably patrol the fullerton drunks on their pub crawls LOL

Bridget said...

Haha..where's the picture of the pink basket?And why didn't mama get anything? Johnny cracks me up!!!

Sus said...

As usual, your dry humor cracks me up! That is too funny about your hubby going on a ride along-it reminds me of that Everybody Loves Ray episode! LOL-hope you are doing well-show us some belly pictures!

debbie said...

Yeah I want to see the pink stuff too. Ha Ha. Johnny will probably come back wanting to be a police officer. I am sure he will love it.

Renee' said...

love the car!! Don't worry to much about the ride husband is a police officer and I have ridden along with him. They keep the riders out of harms way and I am sure he will have a great time.

Heather said...

I love it! And what a great cause! Johnny might need to be a police officer now that Aven is cruising around in his BMW! Haha

Nicholle said...

That's one hot ride and his baby sister will look so cute next to him! Sounds like a great event to go to.

Courtney said...

Now all Aven needs a personalized license plate to go with his new beamer just like the one Johnny had whn you guys met haha!!!!!!! Like father like son!