Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fun at the Park

Aven has a personality alot like his Mommy. We ALWAYS have to be doing something. If we get stuck in the house too long we aren't happy.

Yesterday he was in one of those moods and wouldn't stop whining. So I decided to walk them both over to the park and give us all a little break and some fresh air.

It's amazing how in 5 minutes you can go from this....

To this.

Everytime he'd come down the slide and climb back up he wanted to make sure I was there still watching him. He'd come up to the top and yell at the top of his lungs...."HI, MOM!"

Hi, Mom! See my hand?

Are you still there??
Took a little break in between slides.

Him and his "puppy" were back at it again.

Puppy even got a spin on the toys.

All the while precious Berlyn sat in her seat enjoying the nice sunny breeze.


Susannah said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE the new background!!! Who designed it and how much was it?? Will you email me?

Also, Aven's outfit it too cute! Looks like y'all had fun-I can't wait till Emma likes the swings and can actually do stuff at the playground/park.

Brianna said...

Susannah: I actually did it. I took the background from thecutestblogontheblock then did the header myself in photoshop. :)

Michelle Bradley said...

I LOVE that pic of Aven looking through the blue hole so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog...great pictures.....a little sunshine sure brings out the best in all of us... :-) Berlyn is just too precious for words....

Simply Blessed said...

hey are SO CUTE!

Nicholle said...

His outfit is SO cute on him. I love it! Great pics as always :)