Friday, June 11, 2010

To my Baby Girl

To my precious baby girl,

I write this as I wonder,
Will you ask someday?
Why do I have to go to the
doctor to check my heart?
Did God make me this way?
What will happen to me?
What does my future hold?
Will I hold my own children?
Then live until I'm old?
I think about your future,
Imagining what lies ahead,
Perhaps I need to concentrate,
On present things instead.

The present:

Right now you are enjoying life,
A chubby little 4 month old girl,
You make us laugh...yes everyday,
And fill our hearts with joy.
And people often ask me,
So she's all better right?
Her heart is fixed, she seems just fine,
Her future's looking bright.
Yes, "She's doing well", I say,
I hope things stay this way,
I still fear for her future,
And every night I pray....
Give me yet another day,
Keep my child strong,
I do not want to lose her Lord,
Please let her life be long.

Thank you....

Thank you Lord, for showing me,
What just one child can do,
I marvel at her courage,
And the trials she's been through,
Thanks for your compassion
(And need I say it?...grace)
You've led me through each valley,
And you've brought me to this place.
A place where I'm not angry,
And it's easier to see,
That I was not the person,
That you wanted me to be.
Thank you for the trials Lord,
They've taught me how to give,
Thank you for my child Lord,
She's shown me how to live.

Did God make you this way?

I've asked myself this question,
A thousand times before,
Then it became a question that,
I just could not ignore.
God, he made you perfect,
Bestowing you with gifts to share,
God made you with his own hands,
Then numbered every hair.
He saw no imperfection,
Or heart...that is broken,
He saw you...his well loved child,
And the he saw...lives changed.

The future...

The future is no place to live,
And neither is the past,
The present should be cherished,
As it truly goes too fast,
I don't know what your future holds,
Or what we'll have to face,
I know who holds us through each storm,
I know we lean on grace.
I know that life's not always fair,
I know God has a plan,
I know he gives us strength and hope,
I know he says..."You can."

I write this as I wonder,
Will you ask me why?
Will you someday understand,
Just why we had to try?
Know, how very much your loved,
(Through every storm and strife)
Know, I wanted you to have,
A live your life.

-Stephanie Husted

I found this on another blog and I had to post it on my blog. I loved what she said. I changed it up a little bit to fit me.


RHONDA said... I am crying....Hugs and Love...:) are a BEAUTIFUL MIRACLE!! NEVER FORGET THAT!! Of course I know your awesome mom will remind you every day!


Simply Blessed said...

so sweet. Gave me chills reading it. You're such a great Mommy xoxo

debbie said...

Precious Berlyn is a gift from God and He will continue to work out His plan for her life, the one He has always had before time began. He has loved her with an everlasting love and He gave her two special parents and grandparents,and great grandparents, aunts and uncles to pray for her and love her. I am blessed to be her nannie.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, thank you for sharing.....

I thought you wrote it....until the ending...chills..good chills :-)

............... said...

Alright, I have the BIGGEST lump in my throat and can barely choke back a sob. Tears are streaming. Wow. This is beautiful. It's truly amazing, as are you. You're a wonderful Momma. Stay strong. God's grace is with you each and every moment. xoxox