Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. (almost) Patrick's Day

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. I have always loved celebrating different holidays but since being a Mom they are so much more fun for me. Not only do I get to start new family traditions in the house but I will get to teach Aven as he grows up what all these holidays really mean. I also get to dress him up in ridiculous outfits and take pictures of him :)

Aunt Brenda gave our dogs their own St. Patrick Day gear.

Growing up I never even knew what St. Patrick's day was. All I knew it was a holiday where we had to dress up in green to avoid getting pinched at school. Little did I know it's was something totally different. For anyone who doesn't know, here is a short version.
At age fourteen, Patrick, a Scot born sometime around 385, was captured by Irish raiders and forced into slavery. Patrick later escaped and was reunited with his family, but in a dream felt called by God back to Ireland. He preached the gospel and built churches throughout the country until his death on March 17, 461.
For the modern-day Irish, St. Patrick's Day is thought of as a time for spiritual renewal as they fondly remember the slave-turned-evangelist who spread Christianity to the Emerald Isle.

Hope everyone enjoys their St. Patrick's Day with their families.


The Achee Family said...

So cute! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Bridget said...

What makes you think you would know that you didn't even know your middle name. HA! Aven looks SO cute!!!! I guess the dogs do too:)