Monday, November 30, 2009

17 Months

What I am up to these days.

Well now that I am 17 months, I know that I am able to do everything on my own. I like to test my Mom to see what she will do if I try and hit her. She always tells me no, which I have found to be a funny thing and love to tell her that back all the time.

I love to watch my Mom who has for some reason gained some weight the past 7 months. She isn't as fast as she used to be and I enjoy trying to watch her chase after me.

She likes to bring this lady around with her all the time who they call Nanny. My Mom says she is her life saver. I like to test Nannies patience out too and see if she still thinks I'm cute when I pull her hair when we are in the store or pinch her face. It's crazy I keep doing it and she still tells me she loves me!

I also like to make her chase after me since my Mom is slow these days. You should see this, it's pretty funny!

My Mom always says it's a good thing that I am cute because I sure like to give her a hard time.
Do you see what she means?

I also hear that I have a new name and it's Big Brother. I'm not really sure what that means yet but I have a feeling that something strange is going on. My Mom keeps trying on these silly hats and bows on me and laughing. I can't wait to see what all this is about.
Although I can be a bad boy sometimes I know my Mom and Dad love me so much and would do anything for me. They say they can't believe how big I am now and how I have become such a fun kid to be around. I have to say that even though I can be a handful at times I love them too!


Susannah said...

Only nine more weeks! Yay! Aven is so super adorable, I love all these pictures of him~

Courtney said...

Aww cute post! He is getting so big I can't believe he throwing up "W's" in that pic for Westside or is it Westcoast or Wassup haha

Jen said...

He's so cute! I like the pic where he is throwing the leaves in the air. My daughter turns 17 months on the 6th. Amazing how time goes by so fast :(

Michelle Bradley said...

He is so cute!

Loni's World said...

ha-Ha I love it! What a cute little character. He does look naughty in those eyes, like hes up to something lol.
Glad you are hanging in there.

debbie said...

Yes your Nannie loves you no matter how many times you pinch me or pull my hair. I know you are just learning all about this thing called life. Yes, your world is about to change, but so much for the better. You will love your baby sister and you will make a great big brother. Oh nad I am glad your mom takes me along, I love spending time with both of you. Love you, Nannie

Simply Blessed said...

He is adorable!!!! I love this post :)

Heather said...

He gets cuter and cuter all the time!! =)

Bridget said...

this is my fav post! cute pics! Did you get the big brother book I gave you? It's in the box at mom's house.