Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 09

I always think that it will be so fun to dress up every year especially since Aven is still little and I can still get away with a family theme. I always think that until the day of Halloween comes and I realize how stupid I turn out looking. At least I can look back and know I did it all for the sake of my kids and to make it fun for them. :)

Here is the Cave family and their baby Dinosaur.

Aven and Aunt Brenda...Two babies

We got to see a firework show at the church which if you can't tell by the look on Aven's face he loved it!

Aven had alot of fun eating candy and helping Mommy eat all the food she had to get :)


Courtney said...

Too Cute Avens face at the fireworks...maybe next year you can make all 4 of your Halloween costumes???

Susannah said...

Love the costumes and the dress! I've missed your posting, but understand the business! Glad you are feeling well!

Simply Blessed said...

SO cute!!! You guys look adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brianna (saw it on Bridget's facebook) have a wonderful day!

Nicholle said...

You guys are so cute!