Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Missing in Action

I know I haven't posted in awhile I've been super busy lately. I'm assuming once the new baby comes along I probably wont ever blog. haha Aven has reached his early terrible twos and it is not pretty. He has started hitting and pinching. It is becoming really embarrassing. I am only hoping this is a phase. Everyone wonders why I haven't gained 40 lbs like I did with Aven, if you spend 5 minutes with me you can understand why. :) Although with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up and all the good food I will be right up to where I was with him. ha

As some of you know my sister and her family are going to be traveling the United States and are leaving this morning. We went over on Saturday to my Moms and I helped watch the kids and spend some time with them before they left. It was super hard to say goodbye knowing I wont see them till probably sometime this summer and to think that my baby will be almost 6 months! I do have to give my sister credit though cause I could not do what she's doing. I'm pretty sure if it was our family I would be having to drop Aven and Johnny off somewhere along the way. :) We will miss them!

Here is Aven and all his cousins hanging out before they had to leave :(


Courtney said...

Why does it look like Aven has a cast on haha...Hope his time outs are will help:)

Susannah said...

Hey girlie! I've missed your posting! How much longer until the baby comes? Are you getting super tired and super excited? Miss ya!al

Laurel said...

I found your blog through someone else's blog, who posted your "Letter from Jesus". So, I thought I'd check out your blog. (I'm also going to use the Letter from Jesus on my blog. It's great!)

Anyway ...

LOVE the snow story. Oh my! Sounds like something that would happen to me.

LOVE the maternity pics.

GREAT shower ... what awesome friends and family.

Then I see that your two will be pretty close in age. Way to go! You will LOVE it as they get older. My first 2 were 14 mo. apart, and #3 came along just 16 mo. later. (Then ... I had 7 more, before adopting 3. Yea ... I have 13 kids. Crazy, I know.)

Then ... I see this pic and say to myself, "Hey ... I know those kids. Those are Bridget's kids!" Your sis and I ... we have totally become bloggy friends in the past 6 weeks. She is AWESOME!

So ... can't wait to read more of your blog.


Mama of Many :)