Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well I actually made it through Christmas this year! WOO HOO. I was starting to feel like I was never gonna get anything done but I did. We had a really great Christmas. Aven was the only kid at Christmas eve this year. Which will probably be the only year again he'll be the only kid. He missed all his cousins but I think he secretly loved being the center of attention.

I think his Aunt knows him all too well and got him this shirt. :)

Every year Santa comes to visit us on Christmas Eve. This year Santa my sister came to visit Aven.

I think Aven thought it was as funny as we did that the Santa actually had boobs.
Santa even came back to visit and brought Aven a bunch of nice gifts.

He went straight for the quad Santa brought him and pushed the button down full force. The dogs were running trying to get out of the way of Aven Knievel. After driving full speed into the tree a few times he decided to open up the rest of his gifts.

After opening up gifts we headed up to my Grandmas house for her famous Italian food. Aven loved her food and love the desserts even more. Must take after his Mother.

Grandpa sneaking the boys some dessert. s

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Now back to the grind trying to get everything done and finished be for our unnamed baby arrives.


Heather said...

Haha, you're sister makes a good Santa =) And I'm sure Aven is loving his new ride! His baby sister better watch out ;)

debbie said...

Those are some cute pictures. Brenda did make a great Santa, so funny! Aven wasn't even pulling my hair in any of these photos. I think he was to preoccupied with Santa Brenda. Ha Ha

debbie said...

Hey did you see Santa's tatoos. They look just like Brenda's! He has boobs and tatoos. Wow. Ha Ha

bros said...

soooooooooooo cute. miss you all

bros said...

soooooooooooo cute. miss you all