Thursday, December 17, 2009

Visit to Santa

Today I took Aven to go see Santa (my friends step Dad). I was so paranoid taking him cause Aven has a new thing and he likes to pull hair. I was afraid he was gonna rip Santa's beard off in front of all the other kids and ruin their Christmas. Thank God he was too scared to pull his beard. I think I'm gonna start dressing up with a white beard on so he wont pull my hair anymore. Or just stop getting waxed. haha jk

Santa was even nice enough to compare bellies with me to see whose was bigger.... I think I win by a long shot.
Aven was playing Mr. tuff guy at first and acting like he wasn't scared.

Until Santa picked him up.
I know most Mom's would probably feel bad seeing their son scream and hold their breathe cause they are scared of Santa but I actually couldn't stop laughing. Bad Mom!
Anyway, we hope everyone is enjoying getting ready for Christmas!

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Simply Blessed said...

So hilarious. You look so gorgeous. Don't you love how the kids can sit on your belly like a shelf LOL I love the crying pic. Priceless!! Next year you may have two crying at once on his lap LOL