Friday, February 5, 2010

40 weeks today... and no signs of baby

Still pregnant!!


Loni's World said...

Oh no she's gonna be late all the time then! lol

Girls shesh!

:( Hang in there, i'll push some vibes your way ;)

Lots of things to do this weekend to help you out...
Monster Trucks @ Angel stad.? lol all that noise will surely push her out!
Super Bowl Party? Lots of Jumping and Yelling may do the trick?

(psst...come on Berlyn we all want to see you and your Mommy is giving you the eviction papers so move out!!! ha-ha)

Good luck, i'll keep you in my thoughts.

Courtney said...

Still pregnant and looking cute!!! I cant wait to meet Berlyn, hurry baby!!!!

Nicholle said...

Im sure she will come on Super bowl sunday.. I don't know if your husband is a football fan but her birthdays will be on super bowl a couple times throughout her life. My moms birthday is today and that has happened to her several times. Makes for a good party. lol
I am sending vibes your way.. Come on baby girl!!! I know how you feel and I know you can't wait to hold her. I really can't wait to see her. Is Aven excited? Have you picked out a name yet?? I still have something to send you just slacking with everything else going on it life! lol P.S. do you need newborn clothes because Presley is out of most of hers. I don't have many because I got rid of everything but I have some warm things. Let me know! XOXO and Good Luck.. Im sure you will do great :)

Simply Blessed said...

You look SO CUTE~! How do you stay so skinny and just have a belly? I'm jealous. I can't wait to meet her.

Shannon Hartz said...

Havn't heard from you in two days... did she finally make her big arrival?!?!?

Deb Tracey said...

Brianna!! Praying for a quick and healthy delivery :) thinking of you always!!! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo deb