Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Turkey is Done!

At least it feels that way. I don't think my belly button can stretch any further.

I am pretty much at my breaking point today. I know my due date isn't until Friday but I am ready to throw in the towel. I woke up yesterday with a stiff neck, which makes driving even more fun when you can't turn as it is with a HUGE belly. I had my doctors appointment yesterday which gave me no news of any progress which I expected. He told me that he would see me back on Tuesday and we will discuss inducing me at that point. I know I probably sounded rude when I said "Well, I hope I don't have to see you then." I'm sure it was the pregnancy hormones talking.

This weekend I was pretty desperate and was trying just about anything to get things going. With no such luck : /

I have some really awesome friends that have made things a little brighter for me though.

When I was pregnant with Aven I went to my friends house warming party and they had this fruit pie there which I hate to say I probably ate half of. Well that ended up being the last thing I ate before Aven was born. My water broke that night and I was sure it was due to that pie :) I couldn't eat for 24 hours since I was in labor the whole time so that was all I could think of was that pie.

My friend Sommer came by on Sunday and brought me over a whole fruit pie to myself. She was hoping that it would do the trick such luck!

Even if it didn't do the trick it sure made one preggo lady very happy :)

Today I got a surprise visit from my friend Ashlynn. She came by and dropped off some carrot cake balls with frosting on them. I guess these girls really know how to make me happy or are just tired of hearing me complain. :)

I know I really can't complain too much cause I know in a few short days (I hope) she will be here and I will look back and miss being pregnant...but for now I WANT MY BABY!!

Hopefully my next post will be announcing the birth of my baby and not one from my husband telling you what mental hospital you can send my desserts too.


Susannah said...

Yay! I seriously cannot wait to see her picture! You are going to have so much fun!! All the best, and I hope she comes sooner, rather than later!

Shannon Hartz said...

I walked around the Ontario Mills Mall pushing my double stroller as fast as I could with the last two babies, and I went into labor within hours with them both. With Briley it took two laps = 2 miles and with Caed it took 5 laps = 5 miles. i was a woman on a mission - and man did i get some crazy stares:)

Loni's World said...

Yay I am so excited for you! Can't wait to her when she arrives :)

Bridget said...

hahaha! I'm going to send you some of my posts of desperate days.

Simply Blessed said...

you poor mama! praying you have her asap. I cant wait to see her beautiful face!!

Heather said...

You can do some curb walking! I sure hope you have her soon...I can't wait to see her and I know you're exhausted! Good luck =)

Jo Jo said...

If you get really desperate, you can always drink some castor oil mixed with orange juice. The thought of it makes me want to gag, but it really worked for me. I plugged my nose and downed 4 oz of the nastiness mixed with orange juice and about 19 hours later, Maia Belle was in my arms. I'm just sayin'!

Brianna said...

Taleah: I know I did get desperate with Aven and drank castor oil but I only drank 2 oz. so needless to say all it made me do was sit on the toilet for awhile :) If she doesn't come soon I will try it again haha

Courtney said...

I am telling you she wants to be your Valentine this year and for the rest of your life:) I love you hang in there!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Hmmm could I get that beautiful pie recipe PLEASE!!! As I sit here 30 weeks pregnant I am literally drooling over that picture!!