Monday, May 17, 2010

Hot Date

Tonight was probably one of the nicest dates I've been on in a LONG time. (no offense to my husband) Can't really expect many nice dates when you've been pregnant for almost 3 years straight :)

Chick-fil-A was having a mother son Luau and I decided it would be a great cheap way to spend a little time with Aven by himself. Since Berlyn has been born we haven't had much one on one time together and I figured he would have fun spending time alone with Mom.

I took him to get his hair cut for the big date.

He got all cleaned up after his hair cut and we got ready for our date. I even let him wear some of Daddy's cologne so he could smell nice for Mommy :)

They had it set up pretty cute. They gave us both conversation starters we were supposed to ask each other. He is still too young to understand what they meant but we did it anyway.

Then we got to decorate cupcakes for each other. Aven was just more interested in eating the cupcake. Who has time to decorate them?

Here is my finished cupcake. I thought they were so cute what they did. They mixed brown sugar with regular sugar to make sand.

Aven was more interested in the cow next to me. No I'm not talking about me.

Aven is obsessed with cows. Maybe because we live in Chino and that's all we see driving around out here. He also has a new game he likes to play and we call that fly hunting. He's getting pretty good at it. ha
He would chase the cow around yell, Hi Cow! When the cow would turn to back to him Aven would yell. NOOOOO Cow. He had everyone laughing.


Susannah said...

Oh he is so precious with that spiky hair, I love it! And you look gorgeous!

Michelle Bradley said...

oh my goodness so sweet! Glad you two got to spend some time together :)Aven is such a cutie!

Courtney said...

What a cute idea...Glad Aven is getting good practice on how to treat a lady on a date, Im next!!!