Friday, May 21, 2010


"When it comes to parenting, the days are long and the years are short."

This weekend I am attending a parenting conference. Not cause I don't think I don't know how to raise a child. I mean I have been able to raise two kids so far and they have both made it this far. I guess I'm doing something right.....right???

I think sometimes we as parents get so busy with the day to day stuff that we are raising our kids but are we actually raising great kids? I think in the world today it's even tougher and tougher for our kids growing up with all that is out there for them and even though mine are still young I want to know that I am equipped to handle the stuff that is gonna be throw at them. I think alot of times we compromise on stuff cause we see other parents out there allowing their kids to do certain things and don't want to be the "un-cool" parent. I know how I was growing up and I Thank God that I made it through some of the stuff I did. I know those things are in the past and they have shaped me into the Mom I want to be for my kids.

I think the main reason I thought it would be good to go to this conference was for this little one....

He amazes me everyday with the things he says and how he wants to do everything for himself.

He is my strong willed child.

I know you are probably thinking..."Well she is a strong willed person, why are you surprised your son is one too?"
Well you see....THAT'S WHAT SCARES ME!!

Since he was born I knew that he would definitely be a kid to keep us on our toes and he is everything that I imagined and more. Don't get me wrong I love this little personality. After a long day no matter how bad, he can still make me laugh.

I just want to make sure that I learn to bring out the best in this child of mine.

I want to make sure to raise both of my kids in an environment of love and respect.
I pray for this one everyday. I pray that God doesn't give me too much pay back for the strong willed child I was for my parents :)

I am so excited to be going to this. I will update everyone how it went. I expect to be a tougher and more loving parent than I was before.
I will be Mrs. Sgt Adams and get this household back into shape come Sunday. WATCH OUT!!


Heather said...

Haha, he is so funny! I am definitely in need of some good advice, so please share when you get back and have fun! :)

RHONDA said...

LOL! I love it! Please send me all the tips you house is upside down as we speak! Ha!


janenes said...

Where did you find one locally? A church near us had one for parenting teens. I'd love to attend one geared towards younger kids. The teacher in me loves to learn and anything to help raise my kids right would be worth my time: )

Susannah said...

Oh Brianna, you are a great mom, I can just tell and I've never even met you! :D I hope you learn some new and helpful things though. Please share after the conference.