Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am in for trouble!

After reading this girls blog today about Christmas carolers coming to her house and what a nice surprise it was, I got a flashback to a day I was in junior high. Mind you I was not always the sweet girl you've all come to know. I know..I know, it's hard to believe.

I got this wonderful idea to round up my friends and we were going to go door to door and sing Christmas carols. Yeah, sounds like a great idea except I decided we should ask for donations for our made up church Christmas dance that we so badly wanted to have. My plan was successful. Every door we went to people were so happy to see us every door we went to happily donated money to us.

After we collected about $100 bucks I started to feel really bad for what we were doing and decided we were going to donate the money to a charity which we ended up doing.

I think back to what a rotten kid I was. Using my innocent looks and dark evil side to get my way. I just hope and pray that my child does not take after me. My mom always would say you will understand when you have your own. Well I don't know if I'll understand but I know what I deserve, and that just scares me :)


Bridget said...

what did i ever do to get a child like Landen! I was sweet unlike you! did you really donate that money??? i sure hope you did!LOL..ur in for it!

Brianna said...

What did you do? Do you remember us going around door to door saying it was our mothers bday and we wanted to buy her a present and didn't have money? That's why you have a kid like Landen. Of course I donated the money I'm not heartless. ha