Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Not Dreaming of a White Christmas....

Hormones, Hormones Hormones. I'm getting my first ultrasound today so I think it's making my dreams even worse. I woke up practically sweating and in tears. I had a dream that I went in for the ultrasound and my sister and mom were there. The doctor started the ultrasound and as I looked at the screen I saw two babies. I was shocked enough as it was, then she scanned a little more and I could tell the were attatched at the head. She quickly moved off the screen and said she was done. I'm like, "Wait, do you think my babies are attached at the head?" She said, "It could be a possibility but I dont think so." I knew what I saw and she didn't want to show me anymore.

Then as I was leaving she wanted to get my weight again. I first stood on the scale and it said I lost 10lbs. She told me that one was broke to go to another one. If the news of the attached twins wasn't enough for me to deal with I got on the other scale and it said that I had gained 111 lbs in one week!!! As I left the office I just started balling. My sister and mom we're trying to be positive and say no we didn't see that they were attached, trying to make me feel better. When I knew they saw what I saw cause there faces clearly showed it in the room. Bridget was trying to tell me not to worry as she gained alot weight to (not even half of what I gained in one week) haha. Any who, I really hope my first ultrasound goes alot better than my dream :(


mish said...

You poor thing. Pregnancy dreams are so bizarre and stressful.

Your ultrasound today will be so much fun. I can't wait to see the scans!

Bridget said...

this wont be the last of your crazy dreams. when i was preg with landen i had a dream he was born with a huge penis and i didnt know what to do..LOL. your baby or babies will be fine!:)