Thursday, May 21, 2009

Air Show

This weekend was the Chino airshow. It was really cool because we have such a good view from our house of all the planes. I felt like I was live at pearl harbor. I told Johnny, "Imagine if these planes were actually shooting at us?" It was scary enough just having them fly over. I could have sworn a plane was going to fly into our house. I took Aven outside to watch and he loved it. I got to do some yard work and work on my tan and had free entertainment.

Here is some video I got of them flying.

Speaking of my tan...I apparently didn't realize how white I really am and now my back looks like a carton of neapolitan ice cream.


Simply Blessed said...

haah you're so funny.... anything for free entertainment of crabby baby. He looks pretty darn happy about it!

Shalay said...

I'm sad I missed the air show. We were out of town. I think we probably live in the same community, the Preserve! Small world.

Bridget said...

I'd be more scared of the night alone haha! Can you imagine me living there.
I should of sent all the kids over to watch the time

Loni's World said...

Dang I need to pull my head out I missed the air show AGAIN!

That is awesome! yes, yes I am with you on the planes into the house. Scary :0
I lived over the Ontario airport flight path growing up and I was just waiting for the day they landed on my house. Now we live to the side so I will just have a view of the other houses being hit.

I am all for free entertainment.