Sunday, May 3, 2009

I should probably go to Vegas

Yesterday was the Kentucky Derby. Johnny and I usually bet on all the big horse races. I wasn't going to even bet this year but said what the heck. It's not fun unless you have someone to cheer for. I always bet on the underdogs, and the long shots cause you can win more right? Also I usually bet on my favorite number which happens to be 8. Number 8 happened to be 50-1 odds If any of you had the chance to watch it you may have seen the #8 did in fact win. So on my $10 bet I made $516 bucks!!! I was so happy I don't ever win anything. He came from so far behind that I didn't even realize till after he won that it was the horse I bet on. If you didn't get a chance to watch it below is a replay. I think I screamed for about 20 min after :)Before the race started we made some nachos with jalapenos and Johnny dared me to eat a jalapeno for $100 bucks. I thought about it for a min and said what the heck! Mama needs some new clothes so down the hatch it went. My mouth was on fire for a good 30 min and I'm pretty sure I was seeing things. Not a bad day off though making $600 bucks. :)

Hey Mom you better come watch this your about to beat Daddy :)

Yeah Mom won!


Simply Blessed said...

how exciting!!!!!!

Nicholle said...

High Roller!! Watch out :) No, that is really cool, especially since he was the underdog. Now the Jalapeno thing is pushing it. You are a brave woman!