Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Our backyard

I WISH!! We went to Johnny's bosses house for a little dinner party Friday night and they wanted me to take some pictures of their backyard park. They have such a beautiful backyard all the time but this time of year it really comes to life. They have their own little park to themselves (and their 4 dogs) You can see why the Easter egg hunt was so fun look at all those places they can hide eggs. :)


mish said...

Great pictures!

I'll never forget Ume running around their yard, yanking up entire flower plants.

Simply Blessed said...

that is amazing... who'd know they have any dogs!! its beautiful!!

Loni's World said...

I was going to say I am jealous!!! lol I wish too! I just want to lay on the grass it looks so inviting. Nice photos!