Friday, May 1, 2009

9 and 10 months

Yesterday my sister and I had our monthly get together to take pictures of the babies for their 9 and 10 month bday. This past month they both learned how to crawl. They are both busy little things wanting to get into everything. Between them eating leaves and rocks and God only knows what else we managed to get a few shots. Aven decided he wanted to practice his clapping the whole time. Besides the picture above which totally shows both of their personalities.

Eating leaves. yummy

Farrah had to get in a few shots. No kissing your Cousins!!!

Wardrobe change


Bridget said...

such cute pictures! you forgot to mention that Finley won the crawling race!!!haha thanks for coming up!

Bootskootnboogie said...

Maybe he is "praying," for another cowboy boot picture.

Simply Blessed said...

they are far too cute!!