Thursday, June 4, 2009

Please Vote!

My friend Dan asked if I would help him out in getting a job for Murphy-Goode winery. He's been looking for a job for awhile now and we all know how hard it's been for alot of people in todays economy to find a job. I told him of course I would help him out! He really is such a sweet and funny guy. So what are you waiting for please go over and vote for him!

Here is the link. By the way, if you have more than one email address you can use more than one. Thanks for your help :)


Loni's World said...

:( no link?

Brianna said...

It's the highlighted word Here. Did it not show up?

Simply Blessed said...

I voted! Seems like he is a nice guy. Funny too :) Good luck Dan... or should I say Stan? LOL