Friday, November 7, 2008

Just do it...It will be cute!

I never really understood my sister when she was pregnant or post partum. She would always make crazy, spontaneous decisions. I would always tell her to wait it out or say Bridget, "just listen to me, you don't want to do this." Well I guess I have a little of her in me. The only problem is we are both post partum. I probably shouldn't have asked her opinion on a some what big decision for me. You see when I was in about 5th grade my mom decided to take us all to get hair cuts. We were all into ice skating at the time and being the little sister I looked up to her and listened to alot of what she told me. Well she thought it would be a good idea to tell me I should cut my hair like Dorothy Hamill. Of course I was a little hesitant at first but thought yeah, maybe she's right. I still remember to this day the lady cutting my hair had crossed eyes.

Anyway ever since that tramatic experience I swore to myself that I would never EVER cut my hair again. I remember crying everyday cause I thought I looked like a boy or a q-tip (long skinny legs with a big poof ball on my head)

So on Wednesday I was at her house getting my hair done by my friend Courtney. Lately I've been feeling so ugly and was ready for a change. I decided I should probably cut my hair since I've pretty much had the same style since High school, minus the horrible bangs. I asked Bridget if she thinks I should do it and she's like "Yeah, I think so!" I got a flashback to that old dirty salon in Ontario that still haunts me to this day. I really don't know why I was asking her this.

At least I can look back now and just laugh about it. I would post a picture of that horrible hair cut but I'm pretty sure I ripped up every picture my mom had of that horrible stage in my life so no future boyfriends/husband would have to see that.

Thanks to Courtney I do not look like Dorothy Hamill. I do look like a Mom now I think. All I need are the Mom jeans.



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The Tello Family said...

Oooo I like it! SUPER cute!!!