Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Anal Husband :)

Ever since I've know my husband he has been very clean, organized and has to make a list for everything. Me, on the other hand isn't as clean and if you asked him not organized at all and for a list...oh that's in my head. Usually why I end up forgetting something every time I go to the store.

So he has been training for a marathon in January that he has done the last three years. Well this is the first year he has actually decided he would train for it. I guess that 31 year old body can't handle the pain like it used to. What's that line??? (not as lean, not as mean, but still a marine?) JK So the other day I go into our closet and this is what he had up on his cabinet. I think I said in my head, "OH NO YOU DIDN'T!"

By the way, Smazzy is not my husbands real name. It's a nickname he used to have in the military. haha

I guess what would even be more funny is to see my schedule. Eat, Breastfeed, Change poop diaper, Eat, Eat, Breastfeed, Blog, Eat, Breastfeed. haha I guess it's good that he is so motivated. I'm hoping it will rub off on me soon :)

Now who is ready for some Thanksgiving Turkey????

I better get going I need to go to the store to buy stuff for dessert I'm making. I wonder if I should make a list.....Nah!

P.S. Smazzy, if you even read this blog. I love you :)


Lesley said...

It’s funny how time changes things… Your old schedule would have read: Eat, Drink, SUITE FIVE, Eat, Eat, Drink, My Space, Drink, Drink, Drink! (hahahahaha)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Bridget said...

Oh yea I have one of those workout schedules im my organized closet too! LOL
hey just be thankful your husband is organized ok!