Sunday, November 16, 2008

Seven Things

My friend Kristen tagged me on her site to make a list of things you you may or may not know about me, or you might not even care to know so if you don't then sorry. haha

Seven things that attracted me to my husband-

1. His Motivation. (usually on Sat mornings he gets up and wants to get stuff done like do the yards, clean the house, while I'm still in bed. I call these saturdays, sergeant Saturdays.) He's actually outside doing the yard as I sit here and write this...oops. 2. His smile (I can't stand gross teeth) 3. The way he got along with my family. 4. That he was a Marine and how much he loves his country (got to love a man in uniform) 5. I loved the way he talked to his mother on the phone and always told her he loved her when he hung up. 6. I loved that he used to write me cards and poems. 7. That he could be so tuff sometimes and so soft other times.

Seven things I always say-

1. Hi boo boos (when I talk to Aven) 2. Cami SHUT UP!! 3. Johnny can you bring me this.... 4. Hi, thank you for calling Keyway. 5. Love you, have a good day at work. 6. Is it 5 yet? 7. Hey little fishes do you want to take a swim with me? (Aven's favorite song)

Seven things I love to eat-

I think it might be easier to list the things I don't like to eat which isn't much. haha

1. Sushi 2. Tuna Sandwiches 3. Chochlate Souffle from Roy's 4. Funnel Cake 5. Fritos Pizza 6. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich with Doritos inside :) 7. Cereal

Seven thing I can do-

1. Touch my nose with my tounge. 2. Work a full time job and take care of Aven 3. Fix a broken water pipe (I had to when my husband was out of town) 4. Replace a light fixture and not electricute myself. 5. Be in labor for almost 24 hours and still think it wouldn't be so bad to do it again. 6. I can finally weed wack without making it look like I butchered the lawn. 7. I can lose 40 lbs in less than 5 months.

Seven things I can't do-

1. Can't help myself from shopping and spending money. 2. Can't be away from Aven 3. Can't seem to get a full 8 hours of sleep. 4. Can't understand how some people who don't want there children just won't give them up for adoption. 5. Can't understand how I get so stressed with taking care of one baby and my sister takes care of 5 and makes it look easy. 6. Can't believe that my uncle has been gone for 6 years and can't believe that he never got to meet Johnny or Aven :( 7. Can't believe that I will be 30 in 3 years!

Seven people I tagged. I don't even think I have seven people that read my blog. I know Bridget and Courtney do. :) Anyone else that I don't know that reads this feel free to do your own and leave me your blog address in the comment section.


Bridget said...

Do I really make it look easy??? LOL calling crying to you haha!

debbie said...

I read your blog and love it. I am one of your biggest fans. Love, Mom

Brianna said...

You've only called me a couple times crying. I would be calling everyday if I had 4 more Avens. haha

Brianna said...

Mom thanks for reading my blog :)