Friday, April 24, 2009

If you are Bridget, don't read this post.

Last night I went up to meet Bridget and Justin and the kids at the Upland carnival. I think we really need to get out more. We decided we were gonna go one of the spinning ride with Austin and Faith. We both were so excited because we could ride together in one cart. There were some high school kids running the ride (I know scary) If carnies aren't bad enough we had high school carnies. So we got on and they kept the ride going for a long time. I'm pretty sure they wanted to see the Mom's who thought they were cool throw up all that Kettle Corn we scarfed down. Needless to say we finished the ride with tears in our eyes from laughing so hard. That was well worth the rip off...I mean the $8.00 it cost to ride that thing. I of course did my famous scream so the whole city of Upland could hear me. (Torie..I know you know the one I'm talking about)

Afterwards, Austin and Faith begged to come home with me and stay the night. They don't come over that often so we always have alot of fun when they come over.

Faith and I had some dinner (milk and cookies) Bridget, if your reading this please just move along this is what Aunts are supposed to do.

We had a little bumper pool tournament going on. After our game Faith and I decided we needed some beauty sleep and headed off to bed. My good sport of a husband slept on the couch so we could have the bed all to ourselves. Even when he had to work this morning :) He did wake up a little crabby but that's probably because he stayed up so late playing Ghost Recon. ha

We woke up early this morning and Faith got her very own bubble bath. She is actually still in there as I type.
We had a really good night and I love having them over. I remember these days going to stay at my grandmas house cause you got to stay up late and eat cookies for dinner :)


Simply Blessed said...

You are the best Auntie ever!

Bridget said...

What is going on?????? I should of traded you for Aven:)

Courtney said...

Aww when can I come over and take a bubble bath??? I know I remember going to my aunties house when I was lil, you never want to leave!!! Cute Post!

The Achee Family said...

I never wanted to leave my aunts house growing up either. You seem like a awesome Auntie. And that bath makes me want to jump right in, talk about relaxing!!

Loni's World said...

Don't worry we wont tell her lol

You are such an awesome aunt!
They will remember these little things forever. I loved staying at my g-mas house on the weekends. (on the weekends ONLY LOL that women! Living with her, now that I did not like haha)

debbie said...

We will not speak of this. Ha-Ha. Aunties and Nannies can give treats and let them stay up as long as they want. Thats our job. Looks like fun. Thanks again for all you have done. You are a big help and I love you. Mom

Simply Blessed said...

ok so we need an update in the Adams world

Daisy said...

Cute & fun! My grandma never gave me cookies for dinner, but she baked a mean cinnamon roll and would call us and we'd RUN down the street to her house! ... ah... memories!