Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mystery Meat

I got a nice surprise today when I went to let my dogs in to eat after work. I opened the door and called for them but only one came. I yelled her name and still nothing. That is not like her, she always comes running when I open the door. I went outside to look around and found her with something in her mouth. I yelled at her to drop it, which she totally ignored. Finally after yelling at her and chasing her around with Aven in my arms looking like an idiot. I got smart and decided to spray her with the hose. After she dropped it I went to see what it was and I still have no clue. It looks like a foot of some kind of animal.

It's still sitting outside in my backyard until my husband gets home to pick it up. I refuse to touch that thing.
Does anyone want to take a guess at what this thing might be?


Bridget said...

ewww and you let that dog on your bed!

Brianna said...

No, I made Johnny bathe her and give her doggie mouth wash before she was allowed back in this house :)

Anonymous said...

Is it possum or rabbit? Yuk!!!!!

Loni's World said...

Eww I will hope that was a plant of some kind, whatever kind comes with hair LOL.

Too funny this post is about a dog and the captcha below was "dogiwa"

Laurie said...

Oh Brianna, looks like a part of a dead animal...YUCK!!!! I hope your puppy dog doesn't get sick, keep an eye on her.