Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Cousins

So I called Bridget the other day and told her that we need to take Aven and Finleys pictures in the costumes that Michelle gave me. So Thursday night I went up and we had a little fun torturing our babies. We sat them both next to eachother and started snapping. They just sat there and didn't move with mad dog looks on their faces....hmm I wonder why. Bridget and I and all the kids were trying to make funny faces to get them to laugh. Finley finally laughed but my Aven was not amused. :)

Here's the crazy moms trying to get our kids to laugh.


Bridget said...

oh, dear God I look horrid! Thank God I'm the one behind the camera.

The Tello Family said...

This is sooo funny. And so cute!! They look alike when all you're looking at is their faces they look alot alike! They are adorable!! Ps. Bridget you do NOT look horrible at all lol

Loni's World said...

They are so cute but you are right they look unamused haha.