Monday, December 22, 2008

Johnny Crapper..I mean Adams

Of all of the stuff we still need for our house. I get an email from my husband this morning saying that he thinks we should get this for our bathroom. Is anyone elses husband asking for something strange for Christmas or is mine the only one?? haha

Sorry honey but you are strange sometimes :)


Lesley said...

But you SAVE $316.03!!! That's a 43% savings on something you would have never thought to spend a dime on! WOW! You should buy two and save 86%!!!!

Laurie said...

Boy...I won't be showing this to my husband anytime soon. He spends to much time in the bathroom as is. With that he'd never come out!!! :)~

Loni's World said...

The crazy thing here is he might have already bought it and he is testing you to see how you will react haha.
I know you can't wait until christmas morning when you open gifts and he says "Oh this one is for both of us!" and Ta Da... "The TOTO Washlet C100" Guys are very weird sometimes.

Brianna said...

Loni: I'll be fine with getting that toilet seat as long as my camera is wrapped up next to it :)