Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A look back on 2008

I still can't believe that this year is already gone. I just finally started getting used to writing 2008 and now I'm gonna have to work on trying to remember to use 2009. This year has been such an amazing year for me and our new family. God has truly blessed us. I'm not one for making new years resolutions because if you ask my husband I never finish anything I start. My New Years resolution is more of a change I would like to make with my life in general. I saw this on another blog and it really does bring things into perspective for me seeing how time does go so fast. It was inspired by this passage psalms 39

4 “Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
Remind me that my days are numbered—how fleeting my life is.
5 You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand.
My entire lifetime is just a moment to you;at best, each of us is but a breath.
”Show me, God, my life’s end. Show me the number of my days.
Show me how fleeting my life is.

My resolution in 2009 is to view my life, my marriage, my family, my job, my friendships, my duty as a mother with the understanding that life does go by fast and my days are numbered. I hope that this will allow me to not let precious moments go by because I was to busy worrying about things I have no control over or focus on things that really don't matter. I want to focus on being the best wife, mother and friend I can be.

Here is a look back on a few of the special moments we've had in 2008 that are special to me. I would have posted everything but don't want to bore everyone more that I probably already have :)

Celebrated our 1 year Anniversary
Bought our 1st Home

My Baby Shower

Enjoyed being pregnant with my sister

Got rid of 40lbs and this huge Belly. One of the most special days of my life, becoming a Mommy for the first time. (Did I really just post that picture of me that big)

Became an Aunt again for the 7th time- Finley Hope Ryan

Johnny's mom came to visit us from Indiana

Aven's 1st Halloween

I turned 27! AHHH I'm getting old!

I became an Aunt for the 8th time Colton Cash Proffitt
Aven's 1st Disneyland trip

Aven's 1st Christmas

So any of you that actually have read this far in the post. What is your New Years resolution?


Courtney said...

Very cute reflection on 2008, makes me a lil teary eyed! Your baby shower cake even made the post woo hoo! You are already a great wife, mommy and friend:) Love You!

Loni's World said...

Happy New Year!
Great pics.