Monday, December 8, 2008

Santa Baby

So we took Aven on Saturday to get his picture taken with Santa. I was worried that he would not be in a good mood or be scared of Santa. I didn't think we'd come out with a good shot. I had no idea that Santa was the one I'd have to worry about. The first picture Santa was checking me out I think. Ok Santa, look at the camera!! Aven was so good and looked at the camera the whole time. I didn't get a smile out of him but that is way better then crying :)

Here is the picture of Santa. I am pretty sure he was looking my way cause I was the only one standing over there. I should be getting something real nice for Christmas this year.

Here is the one where Santa decided to be a good boy and look at the camera.


Bridget said...

naughty santa! lol that's exactly why I won't sit on santa's lap

Karissa said...

Where did you take him? I still need to take Caleb. I'm not worried about naughty santa; there's not much to check out these days.

Lesley said...

Oh Yeah, Santa! You work that belly like a bowl full of jelly! You dirty sexy bitch! Who's your snow bunny! (LOL... I couldn't help myself. I'm done - HA)