Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun Time with Daddy

Aven is really starting to love bath time and I think Johnny likes it even more himself. Thanks to my friend Krystyn he loves his new bath seat.

After his bath Daddy has to make sure he gets a hot towel right out of the dryer. I wonder why he's so spoiled already :)

Daddy trying to show Aven how to squirt Mommy with the toys.

He found his new bath toy


Lesley said...

That's one bath toy he'll never let go!

Loni's World said...

oh great he found it! Now you are in trouble LOL
Such precious photos!

Bridget said...

They all love to play with their little rocks:)

The Tello Family said...

Ok he is just soooo cute. Kyndall has the same boat bath toy. He looks happy in his seat :) How are they this big already!?!? We NEED to get together!!