Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Working or Hardly Working? You be the judge.

Yesterday when I had my blow up my husband decided shortly after he was going outside to do yard work (get away from me). I walked into our bedroom to check on Aven who was watching his baby Einstein move for the 4,598 time. I overheard someone singing and glanced out the window to notice that it was my husband who was singing (our poor neighbors). I got the picture that he had done all the yard work that needed to be done, but was now killing time to avoid having to come back in the house and deal with me. I did what any loving wife would do and went about my business.....NOT. I went and grabbed my camera and hid to tape him. I have no idea what he is spraying at the end of the video....Oh well. Enjoy :)


Loni's World said...

OMG he is going to kill you!
Too funny!
I have a black mail photo of Saul I am waiting to post hehe I think he knows so he is being nice. :)

The Tello Family said...

Hahaha... I've had a few of these moments before LOL I love Aven in the background. It sounds like Kyndall! Maybe we can set up and arranged marriage so they can have the fussiest babies ever. Then we can laugh at them when they tell us how hard it is. LOL Pay back is a sucker! LOL

Lesley said...

Was Aven's little cry in the background disapproval of his daddy's singing? Were the dogs howling too? (haha) That was seriously too cute! ROCK ON JOHNNY!

Bridget said...

LOL!!!! Justin does the same thing he will hose the driveway for like an hour or just sit in the garage and stare around like he's busy. MEN! Your right Loni he is going to kill her! thanks for the laugh