Friday, January 30, 2009

I made it....barely

So I am alive...but I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I am in worse shape then I originally thought. One of my friends had to run to the bathroom half way through class to throw up. Poor thing. But we all made it. Johnny was supposed to babysit Aven last night but didn't make it home in time from his meeting last night. So I had to call my Mom to watch him who was going to meet my sister Bridget to watch her son play hockey.

I called Bridget last night to ask her a question and she was like "are you calling to yell at me?" I said, "for what?" She said, "well Aven was being super fussy at dinner so I just dipped his pacifier in a little ranch dressing." I just started laughing. Little does she know all the food I have given her kids to shut them up. I guess it's pay back time :) jk I am at the point where I will shove anything in that kids mouth to get him to stop crying. He is such a fussy baby. He loves to be doing something at ALL times and if he doesn't get his way he is not happy. (sounds like his Mother) I felt bad for my poor Mom cause she was trying to be so nice and say he was only fussy for a little bit. I know the truth. That kid is not just fussy for a little bit. I'm sure he screamed the whole dinner. :)


Bridget said...

I also gave him a little italian dressing but her prefers ranch. When the waitress took our salad plates away I just gave him meat sauce. He likes that too...we couldn't really hear him crying once I put him under the table:) Don't worry I had him under control..hehe!!!

Lesley said...

Happy to hear you survived! Did you stock up on the IcyHot? I think I would have soaked in that stuff if I could have after some of those workouts!

Loni's World said...

Glad to hear you made it. LOL
you guys are too funny. you know everything you guys talk about is going into my memory for when I have kids haha so keep sharing! :)

Oh and should I start buying stock in bengay? HAHA

debbie said...

He was not fussy the whole time, really. I enjoy him no matter what. Anytime I get with my grandkids is precious. I am so glad my grandbabies love me.