Friday, January 16, 2009

Please Pray

My niece Chalice is going in today to have a procedure done on her knee. I called to wish her a Happy Birthday yesterday and she said she was really nervous about going in. She is such a tuff little girl. Please say a prayer for her today that everything goes as planned.

This is me and Chalice from last month. She decided it would be funny to put ketchup all over her face for the picture. See what happens when Daddy is babysitting. JK.


Bridget said...

I talked to her last night and told her you know what happens when you get surgery don't you? Then I told her to call us when's she's up for visitors and we will all come and spoil her. Bring her lots of presents. She seemed to feel better:) Then Faith got on the phone and proceeded to tell her that when she was getting put under she started sufficating and it was really scary...I grabbed the phone away quickly.

Lesley said...

Faith! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That girl seriously cracks me up! Best wishes to Chalice... I know she'll do great!

The Tello Family said...

She is soooo cute!