Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Fair

I am not sure how it is fair that my husband will be boarding a plane to Hawaii in the morning and I will be spending my morning at my godfathers funeral and then a doctors appointment for Aven. Sounds like a fun filled day to me. I think I'm gonna start looking online for a trip to a deserted island somewhere for a few days so I can have just one night of sleep and one day of peace and quite :)


Loni's World said...

So not Fair!
He really owes you a nice night out (let me know if you need a sitter, Free)
Hawaii twice in the last few months??? I have some questions??????
1. Are they hiring?
2. What is the weight limit for bags (I can fast for a few days until he gets sent again then I can sneak on the plane..)

You have full right to knock him out if he comes home saying "I hate my job"

Brianna said...

I might ask you to be a sitter for when he's out of town so I can have some fun. haha jk

Bridget said...

at least you don't have to cook and clean for a week. oh wait you don't anyways. party's my birthday week!

Brianna said...

Bridget: Did you want me to come over and train your husband to cook and do laundry for you? I just learned in the beginning to pretend I didn't know how to do either :)

The Tello Family said...

Sorry about your Godfather. How sad! I need to get a job at Johnny's work! Hawaii twice?! Who wouldn't wanna work!